Sandwiches & Bowls

A little sneak peek of what’s coming your way!

Pastrami Sandwich

Turkey Sandwich on a baguette

Turkey Bowl

Pot Roast Bowl


2 responses to “Sandwiches & Bowls

  1. Seriously? You call that a corned beef sandwich? That looks as thin as a Mcdonalds burger. Far from Jewish deli.

    • Hello Judy Foodie,

      Thank you for commenting. There are many types of pastrami sandwiches and ways of cooking pastrami. We could slightly warm our pastrami, slice it super thin, roll it so it piles high in the middle and falls off to nothing at the edges. That would give you the look you have seen at so many deli’s to which you refer.

      Instead, we decided to offer a delectable, melt in your mouth goodness, hot pastrami sandwich. Our process of cooking Fresser’s pastrami guarantees an experience you wont find at most deli’s. To achieve that end, we season then cook our pastrami for hours so it becomes tender enough for Fresser’s to serve. Because it is that tender, we have to hand slice it thick so it doesn’t completely fall apart . There are few places in the country who go to that length.

      If you look at our sandwich, you will see the pastrami evenly distributed over the entire slice of rye bread. You get the same taste experience from first bite to last. In fact, you get that even distribution and taste experience on all our sandwiches. And we extend that philosophy to our bowls, plenty of meat, potatoes and gravy to make a great eating experience.

      Fresser’s believes many elements including those mentioned make a great sandwich, not just appearance because of size. From ingredients, to cooking process, to bread bakers, to assembly, we attempt to bring you a quality, satisfying eating experience.

      We sincerely hope you will come try our sandwiches and bowls, but especially our pastrami. Our sandwiches served with side and pickle easily fill most peoples stomachs. If you’re a “chazzer”… order a second sandwich, but I highly recommend the coconut bars or the fudge instead. They are both amazing and will leave you completely satisfied.

      Ess gezunterhait! Fresser’s

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