LA Street Food Fest = Amazing!

We still can’t believe the crowds of people that showed up for the First Annual Street Food Fest! We had been warned, and we came prepared, but the sea of people outside our truck was amazing!  Thank you to everyone who came out, waited in line, stood in the heat, and (hopefully) got to enjoy a nice sampling of some delicious food.

On the Fresser’s Truck we were having a blast!  We appreciate every opportunity we have to interact with our customers, create some new fans, and see some familiar faces.  Once the crowd began to clear we were even able to come outside and chat.  If you’ve ever stopped by the truck in the evening than you know we love to talk with our customers about pastrami! Pastrami has an amazing way of bringing people together!

Thank you again to everyone who stopped by the truck! We’ve been overwhelmed by all of the positive feedback and we hope to see many of you again in the future!

Scott & Jessica

Fresser’s Hot Pastrami


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