verb 1. fress – to eat a lot and without restraint.  To snack a lot.

Fresser’s Hot Pastrami was created with the idea of making simple food that melts in you mouth.  All of our ingredients are fresh and excellent quality.  We searched throughout Los Angeles to find the best ingredients (try finding juicy tomatoes in winter).  Our meat is home roasted for hours to guarantee it’s tender and juicy.  And our Pastrami?  We steam it right on the truck until it melts in your mouth.

Fressers loves food. Simple preparations with the freshest ingredients in proper combination creating a harmonious taste sensation.  That is our philosophy.  All  ingredients are hand selected then layered onto the sandwich in specific order, portion and distribution. Its about balance. From first bite to last, the flavors and textures remain consistant.


6 responses to “About

  1. Wow! that’s amazing. I’ll have to see if I can see you guys during the holidays!

  2. Hi.
    This is a great idea. I’ve been thinking about doing it in my town for a while.
    Is there any way I could pay a visit to see the operation and pick your brain on how to get my own started? I could exchange my labor for your advice. It would be a big help in getting started.
    Thanks and All The Best.

  3. I’m looking forward to sampling your pastrami!

  4. The complete (your word) menu is not up…there are no prices, isn’t that an important part of the menu?! Are you afraid or ashamed to show the price? The pastrami sandwich looks very goyish, flat not piled high like a great deli sandwich one expects. Certinly not a “fresser”. How much does that pastrami sandwich cost? The bowls are a nice idea. I would be interested in trying them. Just wanted to give you some food (no pun) for thought.

    • Hello George,
      You are correct to call us out on the menu. We hastily put up the first menu because we felt people needed to know what we were serving, we had not worked out the prices at that time. You will see the prices are up on the new “completed” menu, along with design changes… ie readability and menu changes, including home made mashed potatoes instead of institutional. But you know, that menu will probably change in the future too, as we evolve.

      Most everyone loves the taste of “flaked” mashed potatoes with gravy whether they admit it or not, or even know that they are eating them. We thought we would play off that and have fun from it because they are good and easier make. Then we realized it would reflect on the rest of our products which we keep as much under our own cooking control as possible. You also have to realize cooking on a truck is not like cooking in a full commercial kitchen. There are refrigerator, stovetop and countertop size issues. You also might want to know… home made mashed potatoes are close to the same profitability for the truck than the flaked “institutional”. I know, its a surprise to me too.

      Our sandwich. If you havent done so already, please look at our response to “Judy Foodie”s concern with the “look” of our sandwich.

      We take criticism seriously, it is feedback that can make our product better and we listen. We cant accommodate everyone but if we feel it will better our product, we will make changes.

      Thank you for your input. Please come try Fressers, we know you’ll enjoy our food.

      Jessica and Scott

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