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Did You Know….

Fresser’s Hot Pastrami will be at UniqueLA!!!  We are so excited to be one of the few food vendors on the Penthouse floor of the California Market.  We will be there both days, April 24th & 25th, offering some of our favorite goodies from our menu.  UniqueLA is an event all Angelenos should experience.  This is an opportunitie to see budding designers, find one of a kind items, and shop some of your favorite designers at a lower than retail price.  Once you’ve shopped the day away you can come refuel with a pastrami sandwich!  Visit www.uniquela.com to purchase tickets and learn more about the event.


Yelp Gets Elemental

First off, a huge thank you to Yelp for inviting us to participate in their Elemental Party!  We had a blast!  We pulled up right before the event started to find a long line of eager Yelpers waiting to enter the party.  As soon as we pulled up we sprung into action handing out FREE samples of our caprese sandwich.

Once everyone got inside and had a cocktail the party really got started!  We handed out hundreds of samples of our pastrami sandwich, and had so much fun doing it!  This was such a great crowd, full of smiling faces, witty jokes, and lots of laughter!  Who knew we could have so much fun handing out free food?

As the night to came to a close so did we, handing out our last few tastes of pastrami.  Sorry, to those of you who didn’t get a chance to try our pastrami!

Thanks again to Yelp, J Lounge and everyone who came out to the Elemental Party, we had a wonderful time!

Kollaboration 10 at the Shrine Auditorium

Fresser’s Hot Pastrami will be at Kollaboration this Saturday March 6th!  Come and enjoy the event or stop by and grab a sandwich.  We will be located in the Shrine Auditorium Parking Lot from 5pm to 2am and outside guests are welcome to come by some good eats!  You can learn more at www.Kollaboration.org or buy tickets here